Looking to play some bitcoin poker games online? Whether it's video poker, Texas Hold'em, or another type of poker game you're interested in, there are a few high quality poker rooms we can recommend where you can make deposits using bitcoin. Let's review a few of them below.


mbit casino gets our vote as the #1 bitcoin poker casino at this time for a few different reasons. First off, they have the lowest rake caps on Holdem games, ensuring you get to keep more of your winning. In addition to that, they have a very active community on their site and sponsor regular tournaments that you can take part in. All games have terrific graphics, and video poker is also available.

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2. mBit CASINO

mbit casino

If video poker is your particular poison, then look no further than mBit Casino. This is one of our favorite casinos for playing slots, and its video poker games do not disappoint either. With over 18 different video poker games to choose from, you'll find a game that's just right for you regardless of what style of poker you prefer. Currently mBit Casino offers the best bonus, matching 110% of your first deposit.

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We test each casino we recommend, so you can rest assured that the casinos listed on this page are trustworthy. We intend to add more bitcoin casinos to our list, but please be patient, as it takes time to test out and research new casinos. Our testing includes depositing money, tracking our wins/losses to judge the fairness of odds that a casino offers its players, and eventually withdrawing money.

More About Bitcoin Poker

Online casinos have been around for roughly two decades. The majority of them operate in offshore countries that have laws that are friendly to online gambling. The development of online casinos in countries like the U.S., on the other hand, has been sluggish at best. The laws regarding online casinos constantly change, so it's a good idea to do some research on this matter before playing any games, so that you don't find yourself on the wrong side of the law.

One hurdle that many gamers have faced is the inability to make deposits to a casino they wish to play at. This is because many credit companies have shown reluctance to process such transactions due to a desire to avoid breaking any strict gambling laws.

But now, with bitcoin casinos, we have another method of funding our online casino accounts. Cryptocurrencies offer a convenient, quick way to get started playing your favorite game. One side benefit to using bitcoin for your gambling is that if you plan things out accordingly, you will be able to maintain a level of privacy and anonymity that would not be possible if you use other sources of funding. You will also be able to enjoy a much lower transaction fee, which is an added benefit.

Needless to say, the types of casinos that accept bitcoins tend to be on the cutting edge, not just in their business model but as well in the technologies they use. This has resulted in a situation where the best quality gaming experience can be had when you play at casinos that accept bitcoin. Not only do these casinos offer live dealers, fantastic graphics, and things like 3D slots, they also provide stable games that run smoothly and ensure that you have a high-quality, enjoyable experience.

In the case of bitcoin poker games, we have found the casinos on our list to provide a top-notch gaming environment, both for video poker games and more traditional, table-based poker games.

Poker Rooms

At the current time, the main options in terms of games you can play are Texas Holdem and video poker. While many people love video poker, our research shows that if you use smart betting strategies and play at places like, where the rake percentage is quite low, then Holdem generally gives you more favorable odds.

Playing casino games online can be fast paced, especially when you are playing live against other players. This makes it important for you to know all the rules inside out. Below are some videos we recommend you watch if it's been a while since you've played Holdem at a casino.

Knowing the rules is only the beginning. The best players have a well-thought-out, well-developed strategy as well. The video below will help you get started thinking about such things:

In addition to the videos above, you may want to consider reading a few strategy books. There are no shortage of books on the topic of casino gambling, and many are written by professional gamblers like Gus Hansen. You can get classic strategy books cheaply if you buy them used at Amazon or Half Price Books.

It's also important to select casinos based on the games you are interested in playing. A casino that is best suited for slots (see more on our Bitcoin Slot Machine page) may not be the best casino for poker games.

Bitcoin Poker Decision Guide

To maximize your chances of selecting an online casino that is the best fit for you, use the decision guide below to find the best bitcoin poker site.

Choose if:

  • You want to play Holdem-style games.
  • You like playing in tournaments ( typically has dozens of touraments taking place every day).
  • You want to gamble using either bitcoins or litecoins (Note: Other cryptocurrencies may be forthcoming).

Choose mBit Casino if:

  • You prefer to play video poker (There are currently 18 different versions of video poker games available).
  • You want to play Bitcoin Poker using bitcoins only.
  • You want the most generous bonus possible (110%, which is currently the highest we've seen from any casino or sportsbook).



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